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Is online counseling right for me?

Only you can truly answer that.
It is definitely not for everyone, some people find that they can hide things about themselves behind a web call. Also sometimes just having another person in the room with you can make things feel different.


Time:  Sessions are 60 minutes long and conducted through the telehealth platform 

Money: Billed through third-party provider Grow Therapy. Major insurances are accepted. Private pay starts at $125 per session. Sliding pay is available. 

What will happen during our sessions?

The first one or two sessions are also known as intake sessions are a fact-finding mission to learn about you, your history, and your goals and expectations for therapy. There will also be some administrative paperwork regarding boundaries, legal requirements, and limitations. Keeping in mind your therapy goals, the doors are wide open, I am a multi-modal practitioner which means we can use lots of options to get where you want to go.

How do I schedule an appointment?

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